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In Do You Face Online Jingoism? I Do, I’d given several examples of online jingoism. Jingoism may not bother 90% of Internet users who reportedly only skim through articles and updates i.e. “consume” content. If you’re one among them, you can safely skip this blog post. On the other hand, jingoism can harm the remaining 10% of Internet users that use digital media professionally as a part of their content marketing strategy. If you belong to the latter cohort, welcome […]

Posted by Ketharaman Swaminathan On Dec - 9 - 2016 Add Comments READ FULL POST

In Omnichannel Couponing Drives CEM Success – Part 1, I’d highlighted the challenge of space in the couponing phase of a CEM program. To recap, space-related issues range from where to insert the code, how to make the code large enough to be visible but small enough to fit on the existing package through to ensuring that there’s enough space on the label to provide instructions on how to submit the code. Subsequently, I’ve come across a few more CEM […]

Posted by Ketharaman Swaminathan On Dec - 2 - 2016 1 Comment READ FULL POST

In Why Overcoming The Tyranny Of Excel Is A Lousy Positioning Theme, we’d cautioned software companies from pitching their software as a replacement for Excel. Since then, we’re happy to see more innovative positioning around Excel by technology providers. For example, BI vendor Domo pitches its suite of data visualization products as complementary to – not substitute for – Excel. Tech vendors realize the futility of fighting Excel e.g. Domo We said it here long ago! — GTM360 […]

Posted by Ketharaman Swaminathan On Nov - 25 - 2016 Add Comments READ FULL POST

The Indian government recently demonetized the INR 500 and 1000 notes and announced plans to introduce new design notes in INR 500, 1000 and 2000 denomination. In the wake of this move – trending on Twitter as #CurrencySwitch among other hashtags – many people have been asking why India hasn’t taken this opportunity to go totally cashless. Many Indians have been replying with statements like “Indians are illiterate” and “Indians are not tech savvy”. This is a Public Service Announcement […]

Posted by Ketharaman Swaminathan On Nov - 18 - 2016 4 Comments READ FULL POST

The Internet is full of jibes of people’s nationalities. They appear on articles, blogs, reviews and comments. Often sarcastic and sometimes venomous, they run down the author’s or commenter’s nationality without any provocation. Let me quote a few personal examples of where I’ve come across such remarks in the recent past:  (A) BLOG The Finextra article titled Brits expect cashless society within 20 years is about Britain, so Brit-specific comments are okay. Country-agnostic comments are also okay e.g. John Candido – […]

Posted by Ketharaman Swaminathan On Nov - 11 - 2016 1 Comment READ FULL POST

I exhibit cult loyalty for Amazon among a few other brands. As I wrote in What Drives Cult Loyalty?, I’ve been shopping on Amazon for over 15 years in Germany, UK, USA and, finally, India, during which period I must’ve bought at least 100 items from it. Knock on wood, Amazon hasn’t even bungled a single order so far! I guess I didn’t knock hard enough. Because I had problems with nearly every one of my recent orders on Amazon […]

Posted by Ketharaman Swaminathan On Nov - 4 - 2016 Add Comments READ FULL POST

Since I wrote Customers Of The World Unite, You Have Nothing To Lose But The Call Center Hold Music, many more brands are now providing customer service via social media, with some of them like Bajaj Allianz GIC (@BajajAllianz), Hootsuite Helpers (@Hootsuite_Help) and Ministry of Railways (@RailMinIndia) doing a great job at it. 4 minutes. That's the fastest response I've EVER got from ANY brand to my complaint. Kudos to @RailMinIndia — S.Ketharaman (@s_ketharaman) February 8, 2016 I’ll attribute […]

Posted by Ketharaman Swaminathan On Oct - 28 - 2016 Add Comments READ FULL POST

In the sales cycle for a technology solution, a vendor typically demonstrates its product, lists its features and benefits and finally gets into price discussions. And a typical technology solution buyer goes along with this sequence of activities. However, there are prospects who want to know the price upfront. According to this report, they could constitute 58% of the B2B technology market. If you want your sales to dodge the price question until its due stage in your normal sales […]

Posted by Ketharaman Swaminathan On Oct - 21 - 2016 Add Comments READ FULL POST

In Reliance JioFi First Impressions, I’d shared my initial experiences with the Reliance JioFi Portable 4G Pocket WiFi Router. One month later, here are my “second” impressions: UPDATE DATED 16-SEP-2016: It’s confirmed that voice on JioFi happens via data packets. However, I understand it’s called Voice Over LTE (VoLTE) and not VoIP as I’d previously labeled it. I still don’t have any reply to my tweet asking @reliancejio how many MB of data would be consumed by a 5 minute voice call. […]

Posted by Ketharaman Swaminathan On Oct - 14 - 2016 Add Comments READ FULL POST

SAAS promises zero upfront cost, freedom from maintenance and relief from headaches of updates, and so on. These are all benefits for its customers. What’s in it for software companies offering SAAS solutions? Shorter sales cycle is the most obvious benefit. Because they don’t need to incur huge licensing costs while signing up for a SAAS solution, SAAS lowers the entry barrier for buyers. This often translates to shorter sales cycles for SAAS vendors (provided they’re able to achieve the SAAS […]

Posted by Ketharaman Swaminathan On Oct - 7 - 2016 1 Comment READ FULL POST
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