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EMAIL360 is a cloud-based software that delivers the most powerful features of marketing automation solutions at a fraction of their cost.

EMAIL360 tells you your website visitor's name, location, email address and purchase intent with a simple 1-click action from any page of your website. With its new 'Rocket Routing' feature, EMAIL360 automatically routes leads for different products and services to different people in your organization - in realtime! Read more about Rocket Routing >>> 

Publish EMAIL360 on all pages of your website featuring a CTA (Call To Action) viz. newsletter signup, whitepaper download, campaign landing page, trial version download and webinar registration. By boosting the conversion of your visitors to leads and leads to deals, EMAIL360 maximizes the bang for your SEO, SEM and PPC buck. Click here for various applications of EMAIL360.


EMAIL360 Crosses 200 Sign-Ups

Online Green Grocer Startup Converts More Browsers To Buyers

EMAIL360 Delivers 3X More Website Leads For High-Tech Solutions Provider

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