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'Rocket Routing' is a new feature by which EMAIL360 automatically routes leads for different products and services to different people in your organization - and, that too, in realtime. With EMAIL360, you can say goodbye to leakages and delays when leads are routed manually, and be assured that each lead will be handled by your most capable employee.

Who is 'Rocket Routing' for?

Rocket Routing is especially valuable for banks, e-commerce, insurers, IT, universities and other organizations that generate a large volume of leads  from their website for different products and services.

What pain does Rocket Routing solve?

Most websites feature an online lead form on their contact us page. Leads  are received centrally and distributed manually to various internal specialists. For a variety of reasons ranging from incompleteness to ambiguity in the received leads, this causes significant leakage and delays in responding to leads.

How does 'Rocket Routing' help?

With Rocket Routing, EMAIL360 knows the visitor's area of interest without any action by the visitor and uses this information to automatically route  leads to the right specialist within your organization. This happens in realtime.  Therefore, you eliminate leakages and delays that are common  with manual routing and thereby maximize the bang for your marketing buck. Besides, with all leads copied to them, your marketing has visibility into demand at product and enterprise levels. They can use this data to measure conversions of different campaigns and take corrective action where required.




Rocket Routing is pre-activated on EMAIL360. You just need to configure      it for your specific situation.

Let's take eInsurancePortal, an online store that sells life and car insurance products, as an example to illustrate how to configure EMAIL360's Rocket Routing feature.

The home page of eInsurancePortal provides a quick overview of all its insurance products. More information on each product is provided on  separate landing pages. The site receives leads for different products        from its visitors. Since insurance is a highly specialized product category,     it takes different product groups to respond to leads for different types of insurance products. Therefore:  

  1. Leads for life insurance should be routed to the Life Insurance  Manager

  2. Leads for car insurance should be routed to the Car Insurance  Manager

  3. Generic leads should be routed to the General Manager, and

  4. All leads should be copied to Marketing.

Rocket Routing can be configured to meet the above needs of eInsurancePortal by entering the appropriate details while signing up for EMAIL360. Please contact us for a step-by-step guide by simply clicking   the EMAIL360 button below and entering your name and business email address. Rocket Routing will tell us what you need and we'll email you the guide immediately.