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I’m happy to announce that I have been named to The Royalty of Insightful Financial Services Content list. Compiled by Bryan Clagett, CMO & Investor in Geezeo, a proven white-label PFM provider for banks and credit unions, this list places me in the august company of Ron Shevlin, Jim Marous, Stessa Cohen, Brett King, Chris Skinner and seven other fintech titans largely in the United States. A big thank you to Bryan for this recognition. Readers would be aware that […]

Posted by Ketharaman Swaminathan On Dec - 23 - 2016 Add Comments READ FULL POST

In a recent editorial titled “How To Reduce Card Interchange Charges”, Economic Times advocates a combination of subsidy and competition to reduce merchant fees for accepting card payments. In case you missed it, the government of India has been aggressively pushing cashless payments recently after it demonetized the INR 500 and 1000 notes (and announced plans to introduce newly designed notes in INR 500, 1000 and 2000 denominations). Since payment card is the most widely used digital payment in India, there’s […]

Posted by Ketharaman Swaminathan On Dec - 16 - 2016 4 Comments READ FULL POST

The Indian government recently demonetized the INR 500 and 1000 notes and announced plans to introduce new design notes in INR 500, 1000 and 2000 denomination. In the wake of this move – trending on Twitter as #CurrencySwitch among other hashtags – many people have been asking why India hasn’t taken this opportunity to go totally cashless. Many Indians have been replying with statements like “Indians are illiterate” and “Indians are not tech savvy”. This is a Public Service Announcement […]

Posted by Ketharaman Swaminathan On Nov - 18 - 2016 4 Comments READ FULL POST

In Part 1 titled “Fintechs Need Marketers And Lobbyists – Not Lawyers”, we saw why marketers and lobbyists play a vital role in a fintech startup’s success and how successful startups in heavily regulated industries don’t seem to have consulted lawyers while conceptualizing their offerings. In this second part, we’ll examine the merits of the following middleground approach advocated by some other pundits: Avoid lawyers until the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is ready, then go to lawyers and listen to what […]

Posted by Ketharaman Swaminathan On Aug - 26 - 2016 1 Comment READ FULL POST

Like startups in any other industry, fintechs need to find a problem to solve, develop a solution and package it in such a way that it provides a compelling reason to use. SQUARE and PayZapp are two fintechs that have done a great job of this for reasons I’ve covered in my blog posts here and here. This requires marketers. As a tech marketer, I may be biased in saying this but I doubt if anyone will really dispute the […]

Posted by Ketharaman Swaminathan On Aug - 19 - 2016 4 Comments READ FULL POST

My property management company in UK wanted me to quote the following reference along with my monthly rent payment: MCS MERIDIAN CLIENT ACCOUNT HOUSE RENT 98 MERIDIAN PLACE JUN 2008 While I could’ve easily written this on the back of a cheque, there was no way to do this on an electronic payment since the reference field of my Online Banking’s fund transfer screen didn’t let me type beyond MCS MERIDIAN CLI As a payments professional, I knew that inadequate remittance info […]

Posted by Ketharaman Swaminathan On Jul - 8 - 2016 1 Comment READ FULL POST

I got my first credit card in the late ’80s. I’ve been a major fan of plastic since then. Rewards, deferred payment and a built-in line of defence from fraud – these are some of the reasons I pay with credit cards as far as possible. That said, during the same period, I’ve come across many people who’re wary of using credit cards. When I ask them why they eschew plastic, they give me several reasons, some of which are genuine […]

Posted by Ketharaman Swaminathan On May - 27 - 2016 2 Comments READ FULL POST

There’s lot of data in the public domain. Buyer 2.0 is Internet-savvy. So they will help themselves to all that information and find solutions to their pain areas by themselves. Ergo salespersons should stop trying to sell solutions to potential customers. This is the sum of essence of one prevailing school of thought in B2B sales (cf. this LinkedIn Discussion Thread). We beg to differ with this advice. It can be catastrophic, at least in our field of B2B technology […]

Posted by Ketharaman Swaminathan On May - 6 - 2016 Add Comments READ FULL POST

Following Chipotle’s e-coli scare late last year, the burrito chain’s stock has been on a free fall. From a peak of ~$750 in October 2015, the stock price plummeted to ~$400 at the height of the crisis last month. At the time, it was rumored that the company might be forced to file for bankruptcy. Whether the rumor is true or not, banks will know Chipotle is going bankrupt before Chipotle. How? Because they’ve been tracking footfall at Chipotle’s outlets […]

Posted by Ketharaman Swaminathan On Apr - 22 - 2016 2 Comments READ FULL POST

They said cash is costly. It didn’t work with merchants. They launched one mobile wallet after the other to drive cashless behavior. It didn’t work with consumers. They scared people away from currency notes, claiming they contain all kinds of germs, bacteria and viruses. It didn’t work with anyone. 85% of world’s transactions happen in cash. Source: Business Insider US currency in circulation is growing, according to the chart on the right from The Wall Street Journal There are mile-long queues […]

Posted by Ketharaman Swaminathan On Apr - 1 - 2016 5 Comments READ FULL POST
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