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As we saw in Feature Or Bug – Facebook & Tideplus, #FeatureOrBug refers to a feature that masquerades as a bug. To recap: As brands increasingly adopt personalization in their communications, what you see is not what I see. Then there are other types of differences like: What you see on desktop is not what you see on mobile What you see yesterday is not what you see today Inconsistencies in what you see wherever and whenever. At first blush, it might seem […]

Posted by Ketharaman Swaminathan On Feb - 9 - 2018 1 Comment READ FULL POST

I covered two Blockchain flight delay insurance products in AXA Fizzy – The New Kid On The Blockchain and Atlas Etherisc – Another New Kid On The Blockchain. In this post, I’ll address the “Why Blockchain?” question. Here’s a quick recap of the background to this question from the first post: …the techie in me started wondering what stopped someone from developing a similar flight delay insurance product on a traditional centralized database architecture… Is there any intrinsic shortcoming with a centralized […]

Posted by Ketharaman Swaminathan On Feb - 2 - 2018 1 Comment READ FULL POST

In Feature Or Bug – Facebook & Tideplus, we saw two cases of #FeatureOrBug, one of which was favorable to the consumer, and the other, neutral. I’ve subsequently come across many more favorable / neutral cases of #FeatureOrBug. I thought I’ll cover them before fulfilling the promise I made at the end of the last post to write about an unfavorable #FeatureOrBug. Here goes the second installment of my #FeatureOrBug list (For the sake of continuity, I’m appending it to the list given in my […]

Posted by Ketharaman Swaminathan On Jan - 26 - 2018 1 Comment READ FULL POST

At the end of my blog post entitled AXA Fizzy – The New Kid On The Blockchain, I’d promised to answer the “Why Blockchain?” question in a follow-on post. I’m not fulfilling that promise yet. Frequent readers of this blog would be aware that it’s light on research and heavy on personal experience and anecdotal evidence. For reasons highlighted in my previous post, I couldn’t – and still can’t – buy an AXA Fizzy insurance policy. Nor could I find anyone […]

Posted by Ketharaman Swaminathan On Jan - 19 - 2018 Add Comments READ FULL POST

I’ve been asked many times to write about my Blockchain experience. That is not strictly true. I’ve been asked only twice, most recently by a man in Mumbai, Maharashtra. How can I write about the Blockchain experience, I asked myself on the Deccan Queen returning to Pune, when most of the founders of the Blockchain companies are too busy writing white papers and running ICOs to develop their dApps and the few of them that have launched their dApps are […]

Posted by Ketharaman Swaminathan On Jan - 5 - 2018 1 Comment READ FULL POST

Uber has been making targeted offers for a long time. As I highlighted in my post titled Mastering Targeted Offers – The Uber Way, some people get an offer, others don’t. As a result, two cohorts of riders can see two different prices for the same ride. In the early days, the price difference was attributed to a bug. But, as customers learned that Uber makes targeted offers at the level of individual riders, they began to recognize the disparity for the […]

Posted by Ketharaman Swaminathan On Dec - 22 - 2017 7 Comments READ FULL POST

As we all know, there was a severe cash crunch in India on the back of the demonetization of high value currency notes a year ago. To ease the pain, the government of India made a big push to promote digital payments. Trending under #CashlessIndia, the drive multiplied visibility of preexisting digital payments and led to the launch of several new digital payments. Among the former category were web A2A electronic fund transfer (NEFT, IMPS, RTGS), mobile wallet (PayTM, PayZapp), credit card […]

Posted by Ketharaman Swaminathan On Nov - 10 - 2017 2 Comments READ FULL POST

In When Does Negative Copy Drive Positive Outcomes?, we saw how the Loss Aversion principle in consumer behavior makes negative copy effective. At the end of the post, I’d cautioned vendors against using negative copy indiscriminately and implored them to handle campaigns based on negative copy with a lot of care. In this post, I’ll share my thoughts on when and how to use negative copy in customer outreach campaigns. First the “when” of using negative copy. It’s a no brainer […]

Posted by Ketharaman Swaminathan On Oct - 27 - 2017 Add Comments READ FULL POST

I’m happy to announce that I’ve published a book! Entitled FROM DISLOYALTY TO OMNICHANNEL CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT, my book is available in Kindle and EPUB formats. In this eBook, I trace the arc of loyalty programs run by brands during the last 5-7 years and predict the trajectory of their customer engagement management strategies over the remaining 3-4 years of the current decade. Contrary to popular opinion, loyalty is still a thing and many brands are making sizeable investments to go beyond […]

Posted by Ketharaman Swaminathan On Oct - 6 - 2017 Add Comments READ FULL POST

In Robin Cook’s latest novel HOST, patients go into a comatose state during simple surgeries. Click here to read my review of this medical thriller. After reading the novel, I had a vague sense of déjà vu feeling. I thought it had a striking resemblance to the author’s 1977 bestseller COMA. So many years later, I can barely remember if I’ve read a certain book, let alone remember its plot. Therefore, I dug deeper. I struck paydirt in this review […]

Posted by Ketharaman Swaminathan On Aug - 25 - 2017 Add Comments READ FULL POST
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