GTM360 Marketing Solutions was founded to enable high-tech companies to catapult themselves to the next level by using our all round go to market solutions.

Why do we believe our go to market solutions can help them in this endeavor? Let us explain.

While working for over two decades in the high-tech industry in many parts of the world, we have come across several companies that were a long way from realizing the true revenue and profit potential of their portfolio of products and services. Despite making additional investments to enhance their products or expand their service capabilities, they were not able to get proportionate returns by way of increased sales. It was only when they changed their orientation and began to focus on marketing and business development that they achieved vastly improved results.

In the course of developing go to market strategies for these companies, we discovered that they had a host of product features, service capabilities, customer success stories and other strengths that had the potential to launch them into a different orbit. However, they were rarely leveraging these strengths to influence the market and create a positive mindshare among buyers for their products and services. This was due to a variety of reasons like (a) an inward-focused approach that came in the way of appreciating the true value of these strengths to customers (b) a technology orientation that underplayed everything short of technical feats (c) inherent challenges in exposing some of the strengths that were like needles buried in a haystack of product features (d) lack of suitable ways for the sales teams to communicate them to the market. As a result, it was not surprising that sales were lukewarm.

Under the situation where these companies were not even capitalizing on the strengths of their existing products and services, we recognized that no amount of additional product features and new service capabilities would make a significant impact on revenues. We therefore prevented them from throwing more good money after bad and instead developed a go to market methodology that could extract more bang for the buck that was already invested in their existing products and services. Comprising of several phases that included packaging of the companies' existing strengths into compelling reasons to buy, and aggressive market outreach to increase awareness of their offerings among potential buyers, our go to market solutions transformed many of these companies' products and services from being laggards into sources of manifold increase in revenues, profits, ticket sizes and market shares.

With our heritage of using marketing and business development inputs to unlock existing value and drive greater business results, we are confident that our all round go to market solutions will enable high-tech companies to multiply value from their existing ideas, products and capabilities - that too, without burning more cash to develop an often endless list of additional product features and new service capabilities.


With the following strengths, GTM360 delivers an unparalleled value proposition to high-tech companies in their quest for an ideal go to market partner.

  • high tech marketing frameworksUnique blend of expertise across hardware, software, networking and other areas of the high-tech industry

  • Proven track record in sales, marketing and business development at medium and large high-tech companies

  • Global orientation

  • Use of self-owned and third-party IP frameworks for scalability and repeatability

  • Unswerving commitment to quality

  • Offshore cost-effectiveness