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RAPP360 is an LBS mobile app that records your location up to four times a day. Just set your checkpoints once and RAPP360 will keep working in the background - every day, day after day - until you stop it. Users can export their location information confidentially to their PCs for further analysis using the export feature available in RAPP360. RAPP360 is specifically useful for people having multiple residences in New York - New Jersey - Connecticut or Tri-State Area in the USA, Canary Wharf - Greater London in the UK and at the intersection of Switzerland, Germany and France in Basel. By implementing LBS technology innovatively, RAPP360 eliminates the rapid battery drainage problem that's common with most location based mobile apps. RAPP360 can be customized for residency audits, premise security, logistics and a wide range of usage scenarios that need current and historical data related to location and time. FEATURES>>>