high tech marketing differentiators

GTM360 uses the STRADOF framework to identify differentiators in its clients' offerings. STRADOF stands for STructured Methodology for RApid Development OF Differentiators.

STRADOF looks beyond features to find differentiators using attributes that form a part of the Total Ownership Experience. Unlike many other approaches that look inside a company, STRADOF uses a market-focused methodology and can be used to identify powerful yet credible differentiators in computer hardware, software, networking and other high-tech categories. The steps involved in creating differentiators using STRADOF are

  • Identify relevant Total Ownership Experience

  • Identify relevant Attributes

  • Answer 4Qs for each Attribute

  • Arrive at set of 'n' Differentiators

  • Packaging Differentiators

STRADOF is owned by one of the founders of GTM360 and is licensed for use by GTM360. For more details, visit


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